Frances will tell you it all started the summer of 2010 as she was getting ready to head to The University of Alabama.  But it started much earlier - actually on 4.22.1992.

On April 22 (hence the name - 422), Scott and Beth Lacefield became the proud parents of a screaming redhead. Frances grew up surrounded by a passion for all things creative. She was immersed in sewing, art, painting and photography - even making birthday party hats that morphed into a small business.

It was time for Frances to go to college. She knew far in advance that her choice was The University of Alabama. She will tell you it was one of the best decisions of her life - maybe even some of the best four years of her life.

The college was decided. Deposit was in. Dorm was assigned. Roommate was chosen. All that was left to do was pack and go. And oh yeah, choose the most creative bedding for her dorm room. Together with her mom they created bedding and pillows uniquely designed for a dorm room. That was the start of creating dorm bedding and pillows for Frances and friends. She always knew dorm bedding could be a business. Now it is - Room 422!